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Hi Lacee, I was pleasantly surprised that The wedding dress arrived in just 20 days. It fits perfectly and is really beautiful. The same dress could easily be sold at D***** ******, etc. for hundreds more. Thank you so much for coming through on such short notice! I will be telling future brides about your website.
Essex bridal shop
- Andrea Bauer
I ordered this for an upcoming beach wedding. I can't wait to wear it, fits perfectly! I just have to have it shortened since I am petite!
Essex wedding shop
The wedding dress is absolutely perfect. It was sized exactly right and was quality made. I am so pleased with my experience.
Essex bridal shops
- ELOISA Dunienville
The wedding dress is really GORGEOUS!I m pleased to this purchase,well made dress!
Essex wedding shops
- Ursula colman
I have got my wedding dress a week early and I am absolutely delighted. It was exactly what I asked for. All beading and size is correct as I have sent my measurements. Quality is high and this woman called Lacee was amazing, I was getting emails very quick. I am very very happy and my wedding dress looks very exclusive and expensive.I would defiantly recommend this website for the future brides.
bridal shop Essex
- Jill Blandina
Hi,I ordered my wedding dress from here and I added an extra 3 to my height for me shoes (i had it custom made cos im 6ft anyway) and they done it beautifully
wedding shop Essex
- Rachel D.
SO I just received the wedding dress today! looks exactly the same! as the pictures! the bodice is very nice with pearls and lace! the tulle part however is not as soft and delicate as I thought it would be...its quite rough but nonetheless well worth $200!!!
bridal shop in Essex
- Sharon jennifer
I received my wedding dress yesterday! It is beautiful and made to my custom measurements. The stitching and lining is beautifully done. Highly recommend, i will be ordering my bridesmaid dresses from here too!
wedding shop in Essex
- Debra Post
this wedding dress is absolutely stunning! She did an amazing job on the detail! Well worth more then I paid for it honestly! Thanks for making my day affordable and perfect!
cheapest wedding dresses Essex online
- Tanisha Karen
For 200 dollars, this is the best thing. The belt comes with it, it's a gorgeous ballgown, and even though it arrives in a tiny package, the second you take it out its real weight is on you. It's hefty, gorgeous, and well worth the money.
cheap wedding dresses Essex
- Aydan Edwards
i would like to see the wedding dress is very suit for fat person just like me.
cheap wedding shop Essex
- Lisa Tanson
First of all I would like to thank you for the service that you provide. I have bee looking for my wedding dress everywhere around town. I did not want to pay a whole lot for my wedding dress as I have no one to pass it on to(no daughters just sons). I was on the computer one night and happened upon your site and it was the best thing that has happened to me. I instantly found the perfect wedding dress at the perfect price Thank You so very much. I have told everyone that will listen to me about your site, it is the best. Thank You
UK wedding shop Essex
- Luke Wu